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Green Boiler Technologies
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Green Boiler Technologies has been manufacturing commercial and industrial steam and hot water boilers since 1931 under the brand name of Sellers Engineering. Available in input sizes from 10 hp to 800 hp and up to 300psi. GBT continually updates its equipment features and engineering technologies to insure the Immersion Engineered Process and equipment is preeminent. GBTs white paper on Sellers one pass vs. 3 &4 pass fire tube boilers is available at media release. Key Immersion Engineered boiler features: full load of steam or HW within 14 minutes, Low NOx, up to 85% efficiency, smallest footprint by 20%, no refractory or refractory maintenance, access to burners and tubes within minutes, UL labeled, and lowest life cycle cost.

GBT also manufactures deaerators, feed systems, blow downs, instantaneous steam heaters and hot water generators. Website:
Phone 859-236-3181

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