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Re: having problems with two line system...

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Posted by johnwayne on October 09, 2009 at 11:51:16:

In Reply to: Re: having problems with two line system... posted by HeatPro on October 09, 2009 at 10:00:06:

: Many people get themselves into this situation thinking that everything is bigger in Texas and two lines is better than one. The most usual problem is that by converting a one-line system to feed .65 gallons to a water heater and .75 to a heater, the total one-line flow is 1.4 when both burners are on. That runs through a 3/8 line OK at the distance of most houses.

: However, when you convert to two-pipe, the flow through the lines is 2.5 gallons or more every time a pump runs and 5 when both run which doesn't squeeze through; making a high vacuum.

: Go back to the single line and use tiger loops and you won't see problems for years. After you fill the line that goes to the ceiling with no line leaks, the line stays full and you aren't lifting; it is actually applying height pressure to the pumps when the pumps stop running.

: A two-pipe system isn't a cure for an air problem; fixing the air leaks is the proper fix.

thank you for your response...so apparently i have a situation where i have high vacuum(even with the larger 3/8 id), where according to tigerloop; this pulls gases out of the oil itself and is gathering in the pump housing. install of the two line system wasn't to mitigate an air problem, rather to accomodate the renovation. having checked for leaks(and reflaring joints that looked suspect, I am fairly confident that I do not have any mechanical leaks(although anything is possible). Given my set-up, is this phenomenon of the gases emanating from the oil itself a likely culprit, or is it an actual air leak that presents itself between the tank and the burner that only draws air in under the high vacuum of the pump, and not when the system is off?..thank you in advance..

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