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noise from fuel line and questions about...

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Posted by Katherine Long on December 12, 2008 at 22:32:33:

We just had our fuel dealer install a new Weil-McLein WGO Gold 4 with an indirect water heater. (We had been considering an Energy Kinetics, but just couldn't justify the price difference.) We had a new fuel line put in a week after the original installation (he failed to do it the day of installation) and now I'm hearing a humming or buzzing sound just before the burner fires up and it seems to be coming from the fuel line itself, as though it's the sound of the oil going through. It's more noticable because he attached the line to the basement rafters because of some logistical problems. The old line was on the floor, so maybe I never noticed the noise. The W-M also seems noisier than our old TARM.

We also had several other issues with the installation. They tried to move our old boiler outside and wrecked it in the process. I had a buyer for it (it was a TARM) so lots hundreds of dollars right there. And the rusty water from the old boiler spilled out and the floor was covered with crud which they tracked into a carpeted basement room and badly soiled the carpet. We complained and he returned to clean up (after many complaints). It was unclear from the estimate whether the fuel line was included in the original estimate. So my questions: are these noises normal? Any other thoughts on how much we should push back on the fuel dealer/installer for making this such a difficult process?

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