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Lochinvar EBN300 will not stay lit

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Posted by Dave on October 18, 2011 at 08:00:13:

We have a Lochinvar EBN300 boiler which is piped to an Ergomax buffer tank. When the ergomax thermostat calls for heat, the pump pumps water from the tank to the boiler and also trip the tt switch on boiler. I noticed the boiler seemed to be cycling alot. I went downstairs and looked at the temps.

The Ergomax thermostat is set at 160 degrees. The boiler operating temp is set at 180. The Ergomax was calling for heat, and the temp of the water was only 140 degrees. The boiler would come on and gas burner would light. Gas burner would stay on for 10 seconds and shut off. Boiler would go through cooldown and start right back up again (after a minute or so). Flame is never on for more than 10-15 sec.

I know it can't be wiring of Ergomax to boiler, because when I turn Ergomax thermostat down, everything stops running and boiler shuts off.
Pump is operating as is flow sensor as they will not allow gas burner to light if malfunctioning.
Temp gauges on boiler piping show inlet temp of about 140 and outlet of about 160 when boiler is running.

I looked at the troubleshooting section on Lochinvar's website. It looks like it may be the ignitor. It is the PLT3400. Does this have an integral flame sensor? If so, it sounds like it may be malfunctioning.


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