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Re: LAARS EBP 175 Lock-out

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Posted by Darryl on August 04, 2009 at 13:01:05:

In Reply to: Re: LAARS EBP 175 Lock-out posted by HeatPro on August 03, 2009 at 20:11:53:

: : Sorry, wrong on all counts: 1) our house was completed in 2003 (the LAARS units are original, our builder and his sub recommended them as the "most advanced" available); 2) it is 4700 sq. ft. (heated); 3) it is EXTREMELY well insulated

: If you've read the references, then you'll know why putting 300,000 btuh worth of heaters in a house that needs 100,000 btuh is your problem.
: They have been stressed by rapid cycling and inadequate water flow. That is the reason people use heat loss estimates first.

: Use a free heat estimator program here and you'll find who is correct.

Thanks for your response. I do appreciate both you and rbeck's thoughtful advice and also taking the time to address my problem, since I'm definitely not an HVAC engineer. However, you should know that my system was designed in conjunction with a LAARS representative. I can't possibly fathom any reason why the manufacturer would "over-spec" my house, given all the downsides you've both cited and given that the folks at LAARS must have access to the same thermal estimation calculations as you. Furthermore, the LAARS rep performed a number checks/repairs (on start-up and afterwards) in response to the problems I had with boiler #1; it was never suggested that the problem may be a function of overcapacity. Finally, you should also know that this set-up is typical in our area. Moreover, a friend of mine with a similar sized house (even the same architect) and about the same demands (only 2 people) has EXACTLY the same system. The only difference is that his has run flawlessly for over 8 years. I'm beginning to think I've just got a couple of lemons!

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