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Tank replaced inside my basement

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Posted by Mitch on September 25, 2011 at 22:27:32:

Ok so I finally had my tank replaced inside my basement and when the old tank was removed and cut up there was approx 3-5 inches of sludge in my old tank. The tank from what I was told was probably the original tank from when my house was built. It was thinker and heavier then the new granby that it was replaced with. Now my old tank have the valve on the side of the tank about 5 inches from the bottom of the tank. So we were never pulling sludge through the lines to my burner. My new tank was installed with a bottom pull on the tank. Now my question/comment is that when they were installing my tank, they took a cast brass street elbow and took a piece of 3/8" copper tubing about 4 inches long and inserted into the street elbow. He also gave it a quit solder to keep the tube from coming out of the elbow. And then he installed it into my tank. When I asked why he explained to me that my old tank had the valve approx 3-5" higher then the new tank and that helps prevent sludge getting sucked into my burner. So by adding the tubing he raised the height that my tank would suck the oil. So later down the road I wouldnt have to worry about any sludge getting into my burner. He informed me that another way to prevent this is by using a top pull from my oil tank but then it would cost more to install by having to run an extra oil line for a return line. And also needed to use another piece of copper tubing inside the tank for the pull and return also. Is this necessary and or a good idea? The local so called expert told me that its a waste cause oil nowadays doesnt sludge up as much as it used too and i would have oil sitting under the height of the tubing not getting used at all.

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