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Re: aquastat temp

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Posted by Mitch on May 15, 2010 at 00:29:02:

In Reply to: Re: aquastat temp posted by Heatpro on May 15, 2010 at 00:14:44:

ok after discussing this i went and looked at my setup.
boiler - peerless wbv04
aquastat - hydrolevel hydrostat 3150 ( with digital display)
indirect - tirangle tube 30 gallon
using 2 taco 007 circulators (1 for heat, 1 for hot water).
also using taco sr504 switching relay to control both circulators with the indirect hot water heater as the priotirty zone.

do i need to make/set this up for cold start. if so this is what hydrolevel says to do based on its install manual
Operates on call for heat only.
To set COLD START operation
Low Temperature
Limit Make sure Low Temperature Limit is turned fully counter- clockwise (OFF position).
Low Temperature Differential
No change is required.
High Temperature Limit (factory setting = 190F)
Adjust setting until desired temperature is displayed.
High Temperature Differential (factory setting = 10F)
Using a small screwdriver, adjust setting until desired differ- ential is displayed.

but it also says
IMPORTANT: To prevent flue gas condensation and reduce fatigue caused by thermal cycling on conventional (non-condensing) boilers, both HIGH and LOW LIMIT set points should be 150F or above (Limit Setting - Differential Setting ≥ 150F). Boiler manufacturerʼs temperature requirements supercede these recommendations.

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