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Loosing water - filling every cycle

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Posted by jacques andersen on December 24, 2011 at 10:26:43:

Thanks in advance!

I have a Utica SFH3100ST and it fires and heats great, produces excellent heat, a little banging now and then. The major problem is that it will not run even one full cycle on a cold day without needing water added. It is a new house to me, but the previous people told me that they only had to fill it once a week or so.

I have traced ALL pipes and inspected all radiators when max hot and found no leaks. All pipes are easily inspected, no water around the boiler. I have isolated the radiators one at a time to see if they are leaking somehow and can't seem to find any answer! This is the first steam heating system I have had, but people tell me that the hissing coming from the radiators is normal.

The one thing that I noticed when I have stood at the boiler to watch an entire cycle is that I think I hear a steam releasing sound coming from the auto dampener. I have listened for this twice now and it only happens when the boiler has been running for a while and seems to be at high temp. Would this indicate maybe a cracked pot (not sure the term)?

Any troubling shooting ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Merry Christmas!!!

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