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our problems - part 1

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Posted by Sean on June 02, 2008 at 23:31:56:

In Reply to: Re: HeatPro - do you offer phone consulting for a fee? posted by HeatPro on June 02, 2008 at 21:46:36:

: No. Just describe what the problem is and let's discuss it here.

We have a Weil-McLain CGa-6 boiler combined with a Weil-McLain Gold PLUS 40 indirect heater, and a Beckett HeatManager. The system has two circulators - one for the radiators and one to send hot water to the indirect tank. The house is a 1920s bungalow in Western North Carolina - fairly mild winters except for some evenings in January and February when temps can get into the teens at night with highs in the 30s or 40s the next day. The house is 2100 sq feet, with a 1600 sq foot finished basement with radiators that are shut off, no zones. There is insulation in the attic, original window panes with older aluminum storms, and it appears some walls have had a cotton-y white type of insulation stuffed in.

We had the boiler installed first, replacing an ancient American Standard boiler (refrigerator sized) that had been converted from coal to oil to gas. We keep the thermostat set at 64 degrees and 60 at night when we are asleep. I do not remember the exact definition of short cycling, but the system I think would cut on every 30 minutes or so. Because I noticed it doing that, I bought and had the HVAC company install a Beckett Heat Manager, thinking this would help. However, I checked numerous times throughout the winter and noticed the boiler would never get above 130 degrees or so before the thermostat's call for heat was satisfied and the system would shut off. The Heat Manager never got to do its thing since there never was any 140+ degree water to recirculate around when the next call for heat happened. I started to become concerned about both condensation and poor efficiency due to the boiler never getting to a high enough temperature.

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