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Replace oil with propane in 2009?

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Posted by Bonnie on August 02, 2009 at 14:30:15:


We just purchased a new home, and the home inspection showed some problems with the current boiler. We are getting ready to replace it, along with the water storage tank.

We are trying to determine if we should stay with an oil system, or convert to propane. (Natural gas is not available.) We do not have propane at all, so we would be starting from scratch with a propane system.

We expect to be here for a long time, so are looking at what is best for us for many years.

If it matters: We are in New Hampshire, on the Mass line. Our home is almost 3700 SF with 3 stories, (plus attic.) 5 zones, including 1 for hot water. Radiators were measured by one installer to be 175'. Presently two living in the house, but with children -- and grandchildren -- visiting, we can (infrequently) be many more. We purchased this home with the intention of being able to live here for the rest of our lives (part of the square footage includes an in-law apartment for a care-giver, presently used for storage and a home gym).

In our New Hampshire winters, at our previous home, the habit was to keep the house at 55 degrees at night, turn it up to 62 in the morning, back to 55 during the day, and then up to 60-62 during the evening.

As an aside: I'm not fully satisfied with the time it takes to heat the hot water in the kitchen, which is on the other side of the house from the boiler/hot water tank.

Converting the fireplace from wood to propane is appealing, as is the possibility of a propane-fueled generator.

So, my questions are: Oil or propane heat? Why?
Is there anything else we should take into consideration?

Many thanks.

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