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Re: Did I fix or damage my raditors?

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Posted by Craig on October 12, 2009 at 15:53:26:

In Reply to: Re: Did I fix or damage my raditors? posted by HeatPro on October 12, 2009 at 10:55:00:

Thanks alot for responding. I've just read a few things about the anticipator, only thing is, I'm confused on which way to move it. I've noticed my heat cuts off too soon. The radiators will warm, then after a few minutes, shut off. Like darn, can I tell you when I'm warm enough? LOL. I know that's not quite how it works, since this doesn't have an on/off switch and I know it's there for several reasons, I'm sure one being to save energy...but I'd like for it to stay on much longer, so I can actually warm up. When it goes off, although the radiators are slightly warm, I'm cold again (building is not insulated well).

So which way should I turn it? I tried to find a diagram to help assist me. The arrow at the top of the anticipator points downward saying "longer", so should I move it uUP toward the word longer or move it DOWN AWAY from the word "longer"?

I remember when I first moved it, it was right in the middle. When the heat finally came on all over the apartment, sadly I can't remember if I moved it up toward "longer" or downward, away from it...because I fooled with it several times.

Thanks alot!!!!

: The larger the hole, the faster the air comes out so the steam gets into the radiator. The steam is pushing the air out. The largest hole could do better on the largest radiator.

: You fixed your heat problem by moving the thermostat lever (anticipator.)

: In all you did no harm that will also harm the boiler.

: Look around for a piece of plastic getting melted on a radiator. Steam is at 212F and plastic will deform and some melt at 140F, so plastic shouldn't be near the radiator.

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