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Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Residential Steam Boiler Expert -- Do They Exist in Southern VA?

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Posted by Carla Minosh on September 25, 2009 at 20:56:22:

Well, the "experts" who worked on our one-pipe steam system in our 1874 house, re-routing radiators, installing new ones, and replacing the old boilers have left us with a mess. Many of the radiators now do not heat, and those that function only do so at decibels that the EPA would ban. Our second "expert" only made the mess worse, and we are now running on only one small boiler which we have to shut down at night in order to sleep, and now have a recommendation to convert the system to a two-pipe hot water system -- an even bigger investment than what we have already sunk into this system. Needless to say, we have lost faith in the Danville VA "experts" and are looking for someone to bring logic, knowledge, and experience to this disaster so that we don't have to go yet a third winter without adequate heat. Can someone _please_ recommend someone in Southern VA or Northern NC who really knows their stuff? I would be forever grateful not to see my breath in the morning this winter, and my gentle Amazon parrot would appreciate not having to perch over an electric heater at night.

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