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Re: Hartford loop

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Posted by mike on September 12, 2009 at 20:00:02:

In Reply to: Re: Hartford loop posted by HeatPro on September 12, 2009 at 12:06:47:

: Neither.
: As I used to say in IBR classes -
: the Installation and Operation booklet that comes in the packaging with boilers is not only
: to be used to keep the knee clean from the floor dirt when assembling.

: To CYA in warranty, I recommend following the installation instructions:
: http://www.williamson-thermoflo.com/pdf_files/550-110-738.pdf
: to the letter of paragraph 2 and to the drawing
: Page 9 section 3 Figure 5
: the instructions also warn to install according to:
: "Figure 5 and Table 5. Pipe exactly as shown"
: which shows an elbow and close nipple entering the Hartford 1-1/2" equalizer with the top of the nipple two inches below the water line.

: Nobody other than the engineers who made the drawing are as responsible, as the field engineers will see the results of installations of that particular make and model boiler, to make the manuals conform to satisfactory installation to prevent further problems.

: IMO, keeping the el 2" below the water line allows dancing with no potential slap or bang. The short distance of the close nipple and tee prevents any longer horizontal pipe area that can allow pipe slap or bang.

: Although that is a preference, it in no way supercedes the installation instructions which really determines code interpretation that can only be superceded by the local inspectors.

I laugh at keeping your knee clean. I'm installing exactly as per specs in the book.
2 1/2 Header and 1 3/4 equalizer. Looking at the book, how can you determine by the picture that the 2" below the NWL is to the close nipple?
To me the diagram is not clear about this. I can't tell whether it's the top of the close nipple, top of the tee or center nipple. Right now I'm 2 1/4 to to of the close nipple( basicly below). If I change a vertical nipple by a 1/2" and it will bring me to 1 /34 -7/8 to the top of the close nipple below the NWL. Any comments Thanks

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