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Boiler overheated due to improper pump installation

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Posted by Brandon on February 26, 2010 at 08:52:50:

Good day all,

I currently have a Cast Iron 280k Weil McLain boiler in my house. A Week ago last Wednesday we had a plumbing company come in and replace the circ pump. Long story short, he reversed it 180 degrees. This would not be a problem on most boilers, but in this case it was. The Aquastat is on the outlet tube of the boiler. So what happened is this. Instead of the hot boiler water being fed past the aquastat the much cooler house water was flowing past it. This resulted in a 340 deg+ spike in the boiler temp. Shooting super heated steam through the lines of the house frying all the zone valves. I am talking with my local insurer and have had it inspected numerous times only to come up with the same conclusion that it was the pump being put in that cause this. They only question is ... Is there physical damage to the boiler itself. The boiler is a "Porkchop" So the concern is cracks caused by the thermal shock of 150 ish deg house loop water hitting 300+ degree water. btw.. aquastat is working properly and the PRV kicks at 30lbs ( both were tested by government inspectors ) Any insight on this would be GREATLY appreciated!

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