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How would I purge air from hydroair system in attic?

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Posted by Dave on April 01, 2008 at 06:58:05:

We have a hydroair system with 3 separate air handlers. Each has its own Taco 007 pump. Yesterday, I noticed that our 3rd floor system (highest zone) was blowing cold air. The air handler is about 36 feet above the boiler. I thought it was a bad pump, but when the gas co guy came out, he said it was airlocked. He bled some air and said that we need to have someone come out and purge the air.

In the basement, the pump is on the outflow leg from the supply manifold.There is also a faucet for bleeding on the return leg with a gate valve between it and the return manifold. How would I go about bleeding this loop? I figured I would run the pressure up to 25 with fresh water and then open the faucet in the return line with the gate valve shut off to the return manifold (just below the faucet.

I got some air out but still no heat although pipes leading away from the pump are getting hotter. Any tricks as to how to purge the zone? There is also a faucet at the air handler in the attic along with an air elimination vent that our installer had turned off (3 yrs ago) because he said they leak and can entrain air.

Also, what should I leave the boiler pressure at? It was at about 22-24 for the longest time but had decreased some in the last month or so. I have no idea why since we have no leaks to speak of.


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