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Laars EBP175 domestic hot water problems.

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Posted by Jeff on December 30, 2008 at 17:54:33:

Help!! Any suggestion would be most welcome. Off late the domestic hot water on my laars EBP175 is acting up. We used to be able to get sustained hot water without any problems (4years since we got the system. This is the one that looks white with blue trim).
Starting a week ago, we get cold water for almost 30seconds before hot water comes back again. We start off getting hot water normally, and then the temperature goes down slowly and then to cold water. And then the temperature goes back up but never as hot as we used to get.
We have not touched anything related to the boiler (including the mixing of hot/cold water). Does anybody have an idea what may be wrong. It is pretty annoying when you are having a shower to get very cold water out of the blue.!.

I have noticed that when we ask for hot water, the boiler after a while, seems to be short cycling. In the sense the temperature seems to rise from 172 to ~192 and the boiler cuts off and then starts trying to do that again after a brief cooling period (may be 30s). Sometimes it does get over the 192 degrees threshold, and it stops doing the cycling and goes through a full boiler cycle.

Not sure if that is relevant. Any help is much appreciated.

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