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Re: Call me stupid then!

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Posted by HeatPro on September 25, 2008 at 10:14:13:

In Reply to: Re: Call me stupid then! posted by pete on September 25, 2008 at 05:00:36:

But I dont understand.

+++ You aren't stupid; but you are misinformed by decades of myth-information.

My question is how much is water weight pressure not actual inlet water pressure at the boiler gauge?

+++ The article says that water stands about 2 feet for every pound pressure on the guage. That is on the drawing. The physics figure is .434 pounds on the gauge per foot of water above the gauge.

Like I said I adjusted the domestic water inlet right down to nothing and there is still cold water pressure at the gauge.

+++ If you turned the domestic water inlet valve off, and relieved excess pressure at the top of the system so water didn't come out of a vent at the top, all you'd have is the weight of the water on the gauge. Therefore, you didn't shut off the feed water valve, which is recommended by the manufacturer of the pressure reducing valve.

I set the bladder properly and I cant get the cold water pressure below 18psi. I want it to be 8 psi. My highest baseboard heat is 8 feet. I put 4 psi in my bladder and I want to set the cold water to 8 psi. Just wont do it, unless the regulator is turned right off. Is it possible for a 5 year old regulator to go bad with city water?

+++ It is possible for a pressure reducing valve not to have the fine adjustment to get down that low.

Shut the hand valve to the system off and adjust the pressure by bleeding water til the gauge shows what you want. Use the PRV when filling after repairs to the pressure you want and shut off the hand valve at the desired pressure.


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