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HB Smith Boiler

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Posted by Chris on April 08, 2008 at 08:51:28:

I had a problem last night where the boiler (Oil-fired, 8 Series S/W-4) was producing smoke and some soot. It was enough to set off the smoke detector and my CO detector registered 32ppm. The tech came and cleaned the boiler (at midnight!). He said it was extremely dirty however I had the annual cleaning in Oct. 2007 and it has been a mild winter in PA. Two questions: He said he needed to come back in 1 week to "set it up" but he couldn't explain to me what that meant?! Does that mean "calibrate?"
(2) He said I needed a draft regulator. I didn't install the boiler but have lived here for 7 years and no other technician ever said I needed a draft regulator or for that matter it was missing. Is that common add-on, what does it do and how much should I expect it to cost for the parts and labor?

Any other thoughts on the HB Smith boilers? It is of average reliability but very noisy. I am thinking of replacing it and probably going to a natural gas model.
Thanks in advance of any help!

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