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Lochinvar Solutions residential boiler

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Posted by Marc on September 16, 2008 at 11:25:16:

We recently had a new boiler and boiler mate installed in our Michigan condo, which has it's own, dedicated outside boiler room off our concrete patio. It is dry walled and well insulated. When just the domestic hot water zone is working, or when the heating zones are open, the temps in the boiler room can go as high as 112, but mostly only rise to about 108 degrees. When not heating at all, the room temp stays between 80 and 85 degrees. Fresh air intake is accomplished through a vent opening in the outside steel door, with standard galvanized pipe venting with an electric damper for the exhaust. We keep the hot water storage tank temp setting at about 120 degrees.

My question: Is there any reason to be concerned - i.e. is it harmful to either to the boiler room or the boiler system itself to have the room reach such temps?

For sure, the ambient temp around the boiler mate makes for much more efficient heat retention. Also, I did ask our salesman and he did not believe it was a concern but, being the overly cautious type, I just want to be sure that these temps are nothing to worry about by asking the question to the experienced in this forum.

Thank you for your help in answering this question.

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