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Re: W-M CGs vs GV vs Burnham Revolution vs SCG (Long post , many ?)

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Posted by John Anderson on April 30, 2008 at 13:03:02:

In Reply to: Re: W-M CGs vs GV vs Burnham Revolution vs SCG (Long post , many ?) posted by HeatPro on April 30, 2008 at 10:18:26:

: "standard atmospheric boilers are obsolete."

: That is an opinion of people outside of Alaska; but you've given good reasons for using them there, and there are more.

: You give a hint of something to work on:
: "the current system short cycles ruthlessly most of the fall and spring, and undoubtedly from what I gather from local contractors and reading here an outdoor reset would probably net me impressive gains in and of itself, but I do have concern for how cool I could run the return anyway "
: http://www.heatpro.us/headtree/index.html
: In a properly designed piping system, the return water to the boiler should be no greater than 20 degrees cooler coming back, so there is no problem of shock. You appear to have that problem, so you can look into pumps or pipe redesign to eliminate the problem. Your boiler stays at 180F and cycles quickly as the radiation can't give off the heat of the boiler due to inadequate flow. A Beckett HeatManager would eliminate some of the problem when the flow is fixed.

Thanks for all the opinions. The igniter doesn't actually scare me, I've had good luck with surface igniters in FA furnaces and cleaning and stocking a replacement, and possibly a replacement control board isn't out of the question. You misunderstand me a bit, I think the piping/pump/distribution are actually well sized for design day, the issue is that design day occurs less than probably 45-60 days of the year up here. The bulk of the time outdoor temps are quite mild, but do require heat. Cycle time and return temps are reasonable the coldest parts of the year, even when the radiation can't keep up with loss in the garage and great room, BUT for the other 6.5 months I need heat, bad short cycling, and essentially little drop in return temp. I think that is why most contractors (and I'm talking 7 well respected outfits) feel that even the ole atmospheric with an outdoor reset is a good choice. I'm very interested in sealed combustion though to reduce the amount of outside air pulled though the garage from envelope leaks and out of the house as well as to power vent through the side of the garage. Any opinions on the specific boilers and their reliability would be most appreciated.

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