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Re: Boiler Replacement

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Posted by dana on October 02, 2008 at 15:26:58:

In Reply to: Boiler Replacement posted by Bill on October 01, 2008 at 22:48:53:

: One other question.. should I get a new thermostat? The one I have is probably close to 40 years old, mercury style. Would there be an advantage to replace it? If so, any recommendation on one?

: Thanks.

Just about any programmable setback thermostat will be a net winner in the very short term. In many cases the reduction in fuel use will hit double digits, but the creature comfort of having the house heat up before your feet hit the floor in the AM is reason enough to buy one.

Some have multiple setback times that can be customized for each day of the week, but I find them a real PITA to program (since my schedule is pretty much the same for 5 days of the week.) Others are set up for weekday/weekend or weekday/saturday/sunday programs. Some come with remote controls, etc, and all have over-ride mode if you want to bump it up or down to deal with differences in your actual schedule. Some have touchscreen programming, backlighting etc, but those features don't really add much to the functionality & reliability. Most people just program 'em once- set & forget, Some come pre-programmed for some reasonable working-person's schedule, but are easily reprogrammable.

For simplicity of programming the LUX LUXPRO PSP series (PSP511, PSP600, PSP711 etc) are easy to deal with, not too clunky/ugly, and don't require a menu surfing on a touchscreen to set them up etc. (And they're fairly cheap & reliable.) But there are many many others as well- it's a competitive market. You don't have to spend more than $35-40 to get something decent.(Less, if you snoop for cheap internet deals.)

DO dispose of the antique mercury T-stat responsibly though- there is about as much mercury in one of them as in 1000 compact-fluorescent light bulbs combined. Stuffing it in a drawer only to get broken later releasing the mercury to the inside of you house isn't such a great option either. Once it's off the wall, move it along.

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