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Simple Boiler install?

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Posted by D Golderg on August 26, 2008 at 13:44:13:

In my last Seattle house I installed panel radiators with a Baxi Luna combi boiler/DHW. The radiators were all piped in a home-run setup. They had thermostatic valves. The boiler was turned on by one thermostat centrally located, set to 70. Whenever that room was below 70, there was hot water available to all radiators. The system was fed by a circulation pump internal to the Boiler. The heat was great and my bills were low.
This time around I plan to follow the plumbing code a bit closer and provide externally all the backflow preventer, and expansion features that the Baxi or another comparable system had internal. I would love to do a similar SIMPLE system as my old one. I will heat nine rooms wiith panell radiators on three floors including the basement. I think the thermostic valves with home-run piping worked great for supply and want to do this again. I don't know why I'd need more than one zone. Is there a good model with an internal circulator for this demand or do I need to add a circulator? I'm thinking of either the Buderus combi, the Laars combi, the veissmann combi or maybe the trinity. Which is best for my use? I will have two bathrooms so will the standard combi flow of 3.6 gal/min. work or do I need an indirect DHW? (Fine homebuiding had an article about adding a 5 gal. electric DHW for a buffer and to aid with the on-demand issues when doing dishes.)
Cooments would be great. Obviously I'm a do-it-yourselfer so if anyone can recommend a good companion designer/boiler installer in Seattle, I'd be thankful.

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