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having problems with two line system...

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Posted by johnwayne on October 09, 2009 at 08:09:05:

i have a 30 gal bock and a hot air furnace. previously ran on a single line system. no problems at all.(3/8 id tee'd off to each unit with 3/8 od, tank in basement, on floor that is 8" higher than that of the burners, line ran along the floor)Due to renovations, i decided to run same size primary line in the ceiling, and figured because I am lifting I needed a two line system. installed 1/16" plugs in the pumps(withtout having a beckett/suntec plug to compare, i dont know if the pitch or the tpi is correct. threaded in with no noticeable binding and bottomed out..) Ran 3/8 od from each burner to the tee and back to the tank via the same route as the primary, into the tank, to about 4" off the tank bottom. Still pulling from the tank valve on the bottom. Now here's the problem: every 3 to 5 days i have to hit the reset on one or both burners. at the time of the mod, i changed both pumpscreens and nozzles, and upgraded to a spin on filter w a gauge. when running gauge shows low vacuum(even with both...) Is a tiger loop needed in this scenario, or should i scrap the two line and go with the one line that is elevated? at this point I'm confident it's an air problem, but i am definitely open to other suggestions...

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