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How do I connect a Taco SR-503 to a L4081B Aquastat?

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Posted by Paul on September 11, 2011 at 09:55:26:

How do I wire a L4081B Aquastat to a Taco SR-503. The aquastat has NO T-T or ZC ZR connections. Im replacing my oil burner and need to set up 3 zones. Its a Weil Mclain WTGO-3 Boiler with a Riello 40 burner. The aquastat has 4 connections. On the high side, normally closed, I have a B spade connection on the top and R connection on the bottom. On the Low/Circulator side, normally open, I have a W connection on the top and a R connection on the bottom. The boiler is about 6 years old and bought it used. I asked the previous owner how it was hooked up but hes not familiar at all with boilers. The wires are cut at the exit of the junction/switch box. Currently the connections on the aquastat are as follows. A red wire coming from the water cut-off switch is going to the R terminal on the high side, feeding it 120v. A black wire coming from the burner is on the B Spade connection on the high side. A red wire, cut at the junction box is connected to the W terminal on the low/circulator side, and theres nothing connected to the R low side, but theres a jumper installed at R-R. The boiler provides domestic hot water with the tankless unit so it needs to maintain temperature. How can I wire the SR-503 to this aquastat, so the boiler fires at a call for heat, but also maintains temp to provide hot water when there is no call for heat. Thank You for any solutions as this is the only thing thats got me stumped.

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