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HOMART Boiler without pump

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Posted by kaijie on September 21, 2009 at 23:40:10:


Winter is coming so I started to check the heating system in my newly bought house. It has a very old boiler (perhaps 40-50 years old).

Here are the facts can be seen:
It is a Homart boiler Sears model with model no. 229 96156. It has a pound meter with maximum scale 60 pounds.
It has a water valve that serves the water. Between this valve and the boiler, there is a bell-shaped automatic valve.
It does not have a pump (can't be seen at least).

I hired a technician to clean it and also teach me how to use it. What he taught me are:
Since he cannot find a pump, he then claimed that this one uses natural gravity to circulate water.
he said the water valve should be constantly open to serve water. and the automatic bell-shaped valve is to throttle the water if the water in the boiler goes beyond 20 pounds.

after some test, i started to suspect what he said about the function of automatic bell-shaped valve. When I left the water valve open, the automatic valve does not stop even when water reaches 40 pounds. I then manually closed the water valve.

One day later I started the fire. Then i noticed that the water pressure went down when the temperature went high. I suspect the automatic valve is to isolate the hot water from the cold water source.

If I am correct, shall I leave the water valve open? Or how much water I should keep in the tank?

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