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Hartford loop

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Posted by mike on September 12, 2009 at 07:24:32:

I downsized from the McClain Eg45 to Williamson GSA 125(mclain Eg40 equivalent). The boiler is in place. We are repiping a new 2 1/2" header 32" above the water Line. The steam pipe rises out of the boiler, up a few feet to an elbow at the header, 6-8 inches Horizontal to the rise to the 2"" steam main; 6-8 Inches further on the header to a reducing elbow to a 1 1/2 equalizer So far it all looks good. There seems to be some discrepancy on a few sites as well as with plumbers regarding the 2" below the water line for the Hartford Loop.
My piping after my H loop is not complete yet and some adjustments can be made before we tie it all together
Comfort calc is the only site that says the Center of close nipple of the H loop should be 2" below the water line. Others say the top off the nipple and some say the top of the tee (some boiler manuals show 2" but are vague)
My NWL is 23 3/4. In my H loop the top of the nipple is 2 1/4" below the water line? add another 1/2 - 3/4" to the center of the nipple.
1.Which is the correst location and why(2" to the top of the Tee, top of nipple or Mid Nipple). I do beleive I am still above the crown.
2. Wont having the H loop a little lower but above the crown assure that steam will not enter the return.
Please help

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