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Posted by PETER MAHER, Newtown CT on January 23, 2008 at 14:40:52:

I had a Burnham model V7 installed Jan 1997.
Boiler was replaced once already -- don't know exact year but obviously sometime between Jan 1997 and Jan 2008.
Today I discovered that boiler has again cracked (in 3 places!). Flooded basement!
I NEED ADVISE!... I am told that Burnham will give me another boiler at 5% cost (whatever that means, and given a 10 yr full and 10 yr prorated warranty), BUT that the V7 boiler is no longer made, due to the fact that it was defective, so the replacement boiler will be a model V8. AND because the V8 is so different from the V7 that the labor cost to install will be more than the cost of a brand new entire furnace! (Labor, naturally, not covered under Burnham warranty.)
Option #2: If I buy a new Burnham furnace, Burnham will give me a $1,000 rebate.
Option #3: I can always say the h*ll with Burnham and their defective products and go with a new brand furnace altogether.
I have been told that 2 out of 3 Burnham V7's had defective boilers, and that's why they were taken off the market and replaced with V8's. True?
Does anyone know of a Class Action Suit that I can join in?
I would think that given the extent of this defect that Burnham would be liable to replace my entire furnace, boiler and all -- including parts and labor.
Can anyone tell me what to do? I feel like I have been played for a fool. (I should have been told the first time the boiler was replaced that the model was defective, while the furnace was still under full warranty.)
Will appreciate all comments.
Peter Maher,
Newtown, CT

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