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Re: Cost of re-installing burnham in-4 steam boiler

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Posted by Crystal on February 02, 2011 at 01:47:14:

In Reply to: Cost of re-installing burnham in-4 steam boiler posted by Anne on December 08, 2010 at 11:01:15:

: I have an in-4 burnham and was told by many people to have it re-piped, there was no hartford loop, the riser was too low, etc. I hired a guy who took apart the pipes, gas line, etc (nothing is connected) and here I sit without heat. He quit.

: I had several people come through to give an estimate ranging from 1,200 to 1,500. When I received the grant for them to do the work, they never showed. I called on some more companies and one wants almost 4 grand to install the thing, a considerable difference indeed. However, he does want to install controlled radiator vents, an automatic water feed connected to the hot water, new vents for the return, rewire, a chimney liner, etc. I am having trouble now getting the grant for this guy. I did get another price from someone else, but he did not want to install an automatic water feed and his price was similar to the low-end guys.

: One of the companies did show up, but the guys they sent out after giving the estimate told me they can't do all the work for that price. No auto water feed, no hartford loop, (this installer told me I did not need a hartford loop; there wasn't one on the old system so the new one didn't need one) the riser didn't need to be any higher, etc. I did not want them to come back.

: How much can I expect the bill to be for an installation of a steam boiler in the Detroit area? I just need a rough estimate I know it cannot be exact. Is 4 grand too much? It does sound rather high to me, considering I have been told for about that price I can get a reconditioned boiler and the installation. Of course that price was quoted to me by the guy who sent out the one who told me I don't need a hartford loop.........

Hey Anne,
I'm a woman myself and I just wanted to let you know that is the standard rate you will pay for a NEW, notice I said New boiler and installation. My boiler just went out about two weeks ago and my girlfriend and I was having the same problem of trying to find some one who could do the job under $4000. To me, $4000 just sounded ridiculous! I know a lot about home improvements but I was lost with the boiler situation. But I shopped around. I don't know if you live alone or what your living situation is, but it would be worth having a male friend assist you while the contractor comes by if you feel uncomfortable. You will save money by going with contractors out here that are a little more hungry than those that are swamped with jobs.(Please do not deal with the ones who call you back at least once every two hrs! My girlfriend and I had to deal with one like that! Weirdo!)But just make sure they are decent but also a little eager because they want your return service so they will prove themselves. I still have the guys number who got us a USED boiler, installed it and installed a new thermostat for $2020 bucks. It would have been $2075(the $75 for the thermostat install) but when I asked him whats the $75 for? Is that for the installation because I know thermostats start off around $15 bucks...he looked puzzled and said its for the quality thermostat...I said oh like a honeywell, I can pick that up...he looked at me like a deer with his head stuck in the headlights...lol...then he said...just give me $20 bucks and I'll install it saving myself a few bucks...I told you I know some home improvements..lol...well if you are still in need of service email me and I can send you their number...other than the thermostat thing...my girlfriend and I are pleased with our service and glad we got it going before the big snow storm! I hope this helps...email me at reocity2@yahoo.com
if your still in need of service.

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