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Decisions on what to do with failed Burnham gas boiler

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Posted by cglex on September 17, 2008 at 10:41:27:

My Burnham Series 2 gas boiler is rusted and leaking after just 9 years. My current plumber has given me quotes that include warranty adjustments to just replace the boiler section and also put in a new series 2. The existing system has a Viessmann controlled radiant heat system, 3 sections of the house controlled by their own thermostat, pumps, etc that is heated with fin tube and a loop for an indirect water heater.

I get vague answers to the following questions from my plumber, perhaps someone here can help.

Are there problems with the Burnham Series 2 boiler and so am I throwing good money after bad if I stay with Burnham? I suspect the foreign boilers such as Buderus or Viessmann cost more.

What kind of percentage savings might I achieve if I add better controls on the boiler from Tekmar, outdoor reset or something like that?

What sort of percentage savings over the series 2 might I get from one of these high efficiency condensing boilers such as the Munckin 199? My plumber said such a boiler would fit and vent, etc.

I don't need precise percentages, just good ball parks so I can see if there is a return for the higher investment on these products

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