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Dunkirk 95M-200 Ignition Issue Error E02 (E 02)

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Posted by Garrett on January 10, 2010 at 09:59:15:

I'm in a cold climate right now (about 15 degrees out there right now) have a Dunkirk 95M-200 which was installed about 2 years ago, probably a revision b boiler and have been getting error cord E02 (E 02) for the past week. We also had ignition issues on 2 different occasions but the boiler stopped experiencing the issues after a week or so.

In the past week, when we go to work, the thermostat temps are set to 60 degrees. When we are home, it's set between 66 (night)and 70 (day) degrees. So, basically during the day, after we leave, the boiler has to "cold start" and at night, basically the same. We normally get the error E02 (E 02) when it has to "cold start". I do not get the E02 (E 02) error on warm start.

The equivalent length of 3" pipe is at roughly 60 ft for the intake, the maximum allowed for this boiler. I know that Dunkirk came out with a rev. c boiler which allows for up to 80 equivalent ft for the intake. So I'm going to ask my installer to contact Dunkirk to try and get the rev c upgrade kit.

However, what puzzles me is why I have cold start problems (colder, denser air should give me easier combustion) but no warm start problems. I asked Dunkirk if there was a software upgrade as it appears the software isn't capable of handling cold starts properly in cold temps but was told no.. It just doesn't make sense.

So am I on the right track in resolving the issue and was I misinformed about the software upgrade?

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