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Posted by Reyesuela on January 23, 2009 at 13:49:12:

In Reply to: Re: I think I've got it! posted by HeatPro on January 23, 2009 at 08:37:26:

I get it! No priority, then. I'll add one if/when the additions to the house cause our hot water to start to get cool--that is, when the system isn't grossly oversized anymore. (We're doing a 260 sqft addition this summer and are looking at another 350 sqft not too far down the road--insulated to within an inch of its life because we can take the savings from my doing a lot of the work and apply it to upgrades like foam insulation. I'd rather have foam insulation than granite counter tops....)

I have another question. Cold start or warm start? :-)

I know I don't want hot start because half the year, there's no heat. But it's a high mass boiler, and I plan on servicing it only once a year, so those two things point to warm start. I'm afraid with a cold start that the recovery time will be completely ridiculous, vitiating the whole fast-recover-time advantage to an indirect!

Then again, with the mixing valve and the very slow temp drop of an indirect tank, I might be able to set the high at 180 and the low at 145 with the mixing valve at 135, so by the time it started getting cold, the boiler would have plenty of time to heat up. It would probably fire just once a day, during baths, at that rate, or at most, twice a day just a few hours a apart--without much time to cool. That should keep it cleaner, yes?

I could be completely misunderstanding this and blowing smoke, though. :-) This is all very new to me! I'm not even sure how a mixing valve works....

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