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Desperately need decent boiler conditioner...

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Posted by Steve on August 23, 2008 at 11:03:35:

I've a circa (guessing) 1967'ish Slant Fin steam boiler. When I bought my place I looked about for a "plumber who knows steam." Well, the guy said "trash it, it won't last another year." That was 1882, it is now 26 years later. I fixed the leak by scrounging another slant fin at the dump and used a section from it. It has been wonderful since then--until last year.

I used to use a boiler conditioner that changed color when it was exhausted. It worked perfectly. Crystal clear sight glass, perfect operation. Then last year my supply company stopped selling it and instead had Utility Wonder "No drain, E-Z Steam." So I used it. But I have had nothing but trouble since. I have cleaned and drained it three times and almost immediately it turns a "deep red." The bottle says: "if the water is deep red it is unfavorable to efficient steaming."

So I have drained, flushed and started over, to have it turn deep red again. The blow off valve sticks now even though I blow it off at least monthly. The auto-water fill, over fills. And worse, I have developed tiny leaks (a drop or two an hour) in two of my radiators.

So what goes? Was that stuff truly wonderful and this stuff awful? Is something else going on?

The boiler runs nicely. Would anyone please offer me some suggestions on how to get this back as it was. Are there other products sold other that this E-Z (I cannot find them around here).

Thank you.

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