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thks Heatpro and question about piping/wiring for bathroom heat

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Posted by John on September 22, 2010 at 11:25:46:

I own a three family house in the very cold northeast. I'm putting in three condensing gas powered hot water boilers. Prior to now, its been a one pipe steam system powered by an oil fired boiler.

Due to retrofitting purposes (piping going up and down from radiators instead of around a finished apartment, I'll virtually have one zone for each room.

Each loop or room will have its own zone valve.

Each condensing boiler for each apt will have a circulator on the primary or "boiler" loop and then a circulator on the secondary or "system" loop. each zone or room will be on a zone valve connected to the apartment's own boiler.

I'd like to configure the secondary loop so that

1. the bathroom loop turns on automatically when any room of the apartment calls for heat
2. the bathroom loop turns on automatically when the outside temperature falls below 30 degrees fahrenheit, but turns off when the bathroom temperature reaches 65 or 68 degrees F.

I thought if I pipe the bathroom zone onto the system loop as without a zone valve, whenever the circulator turns for the secondary loop for any one zone, it will also provide heat for the bathroom. Will this work correctly?

Also what device do I use to also control the heat to the bathroom in case of outdoor temperature under 30 F, but which turns off the loop if the bathroom temperature reaches 68 degrees F (but it is 10 degrees outside).

I also plan on using a Taco Six Zone Valve Control with Priority ZVC406.

Thanks Heatpro for your prior answers!

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