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Re: New Boiler

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Posted by HeatPro on September 18, 2008 at 10:12:04:

In Reply to: Re: New Boiler posted by Boston on September 17, 2008 at 14:20:23:

: The installer has suggested that the boiler is surging, and causing the water level to drop by sucking to much water into the mains during operation. Iím not sure that make sense to me, but I mentioned during the installation I didnít think the near boiler piping was correct (I have a very low ceiling).

+++ The Installation and Operation instructions for the new boiler have very specific instructions for the height the main should be above the boiler and how to pipe it. If not piped that way, bad results.

See page 18 here:

What can be done if a gas boiler is over firing? Shouldn't the cut out have shut down the boiler?

+++ The cut out operates too late. Overfiring is done by the burner to heat the metal and water, the pressure in the boiler won't rise excessively until the system stops absorbing heat.

In your situation, the fast burner input rate throws water and steam up into the heating system faster than the water condensate can come back from the system. There are piping 'tricks' to stop that.

Pin5 was slightly to small and the Pin6 was just a little to big. We went with the larger unit so when we put the addition onto our home we have some room to expand the system.

+++ That is one of the causes of the problem. Until you actually have enough radiation to absorb the steam produced by the larger boiler, you have the problem. The input is for the completely-built home; it is now oversized with the problems that come from that.

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