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Weil-McLain Model LG-4 Steam Boiler

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Posted by Jason M on April 01, 2009 at 08:39:42:

We have a Weil-McLain Model LG-4 steam boiler heating our three floor home (and basement).
13 radiators (3 of which leak steam from the shutoff valve) spread over three floors.
The boiler pressure cut-off is set at 5psi.

About 3 weeks ago we noticed a smell like burning rubber and then a black oily water
along one side of the base of the boiler. I pulled the front panel off the boiler and looked under the
burners (3 total) and noticed two large rocks of calcium deposits. One of the burners was covered with
calcium deposits. I scraped off the burner to make sure the gas could get through. Still noticing
the smell and the flames from the burner with calcium are now starting to lap out the front of the
boiler. I bought a CO monitor to make sure we are not being gassed to death. So, it appears that
one of the combustion chambers has a leak and the sludge/water is dripping onto one of the burners
and clogging it... I think the smell indicates that incomplete combustion is happening.

Now a few questions:
1) How old is our boiler? (I can't tell from the info on the boiler.)
2) If I can find parts is it worth taking the combustion chambers apart to fix the leak?
3) Should I be looking into a new steam boiler?
4) Should I convert to a hot water boiler?
5) Should I convert to heating with forced air?

Thanks for any info/advice.

Jason M

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