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radiators for hot water heating systems

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Posted by joe on May 11, 2006 at 14:18:59:

I am removing all cast iron radiators and replacing with slant fin elements. For my own reasons, I'd rather install these radiators where they are (beneath windows), as opposed to having baseboard running down the length of my walls.

I have the ability to run my pipes up from the basement, and then back down and then back up into the next room, for a series hot water loop.

A family member has about 5 radiator covers that are cabinet type "F" at http://www.ocsind.com/cab_types.html and I'd love to use them myself. These are free standing very heavy guage radiators, which front covers are easily removable, and they happen to be very affordable ($75 per cover).

Installation of these radiator covers is a cinch, place the radiator cover right onto the floor by lifting it right over and behind the element, so that it now encloses the element, and then snap the front cover onto it.

I would like to utilize the slantfin elements with those covers.

The slant fin element that I am interested in is commercial grade 3/4" element with a btu output of about 1000 btu per foot.

The small rooms are easy to do this, since the btu required to heat those rooms are 4000 BTU.

Since I have no experience with the use of these elements at all, I ask the following question:

if I need 10 feet of element in a room (that requires 10K btu), can I install the elements in tiers, within a radiator cover (the cover is about 21" high, 6" deep, and 4 ft wide)? If so, should there be a minimum spacing between elements. Will there be proper convection using this method?

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