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Re: wiring boiler/ergomax in my situation

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Posted by HeatPro on February 06, 2006 at 11:09:02:

In Reply to: Re: wiring boiler/ergomax in my situation posted by Dave on February 06, 2006 at 08:08:38:

Isn't that essentially what I have now? My boiler pump runs as long as any zone is calling for heat, as I said before.
+++ Yes, it is ONE of the suggestions made. Before I left for Vegas, you chose to have the piping so the boiler and pump came on to heat the tank with an outdoor reset or HeatManager from the ErgoMax and the zones DIDN'T fire the boiler to prevent multiple overlapping demand. It also solved the problem of the radiant floor pump running without needing the boiler pump to run all the time. So if you are going back to find suitable debate material, it is ordinary to list ALL the strategies suggested along with the one last chosen before discussing this one. There were FOUR distinct strategies in my past emails and we decided upon one until the change-of-the-month restarted.

The most efficient: One 0010 for the whole house with zone valves - rejected
#2: Keeping the original equal-balance manifold and adding a tank in the loop - rejected
#3: Changing the return pipe to the bottom of the tank loop/boiler inlet - rejected to avoid final balancing of circuits
#4: The last with the equal-balance stubs off the tank bottom/boiler return pipe - abandon for loss of efficiency
#5: swapping the return and supply manifold stub locations on the tank. - DO
Each requires different wiring and strategy, so can be a theoretical debate-team subject for a long time, especially when switched monthly.

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