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Re: wiring boiler/ergomax in my situation

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Posted by Dave on February 06, 2006 at 08:08:38:

In Reply to: Re: wiring boiler/ergomax in my situation posted by HeatPro on February 05, 2006 at 21:51:04:

Congratulations on the winnings in Las Vegas!

+++The above is from one of our previous emails...

"As you want to keep the expense down and there are some benefits to the supply and return stubouts for John Siegenthaler's design of a zero-balance system on the manifold:
+ keep the horizontal manifold with the stubs from the right elbow to the pump mount
+ feed the manifold end (whichever is convenient, as I don't know where you are putting the tank) to the tank top 2-inch connection.
+ Feed the bottom 2-inch tap to the pump and boiler.
+ Feed the boiler outlet to the other end of the manifold which is not connected to the tank (it doesn't matter which end.)
+ Use the top tank 1-inch tap for the expansion tank and spirovent.
+ You won't have to be concerned with any other checks as there is zero-balance and just flow through the manifold when the boiler pump with its check is on - none to the zones until the zone pumps run."

+++Isn't that essentially what I have now? My boiler pump runs as long as any zone is calling for heat, as I said before.
From late fall all the way through early spring, our radiant floor in our bathroom runs constantly. This means that our boiler pump will run nonstop for about 6 months, circulating water through boiler. Besides the electricity for the pump, which is very small, this setup doesn't decrease efficiency as opposed to if we repiped to the other configuration where the supply header and return header would be out of the tank? If we would have a substantial increase in savings/efficiency, I would get this repiped in the spring.
I have ordered the Heatmanager and will hook it up this week.

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