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Re: Gas Steam Boiler

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Posted by joe on May 18, 2006 at 11:38:11:

In Reply to: Re: Gas Steam Boiler posted by HeatPro on May 17, 2006 at 10:43:02:

Heatpro, after your comments about the cast iron radiators, I removed my old cast iron radiator in the hallway, laid it down on the floor, and took out a 14" wrench and a 6 foot pipe lever, and removed the 1-1/4" plug that had been there for 100 years old. The inside of the radiator appears dirty but not rusty. Maybe I'll reuse them instead of getting the convectors, rated at temperatures of 180. Maybe alittle teflon tape will take care of those old nicks I made in the threads years ago when changing the radiator valves. Thanks for your comments about cast iron and optimal water temperatures for condensing boilers. Your advice is appreciated and important.

My brother now wants to convert his two story (plug heated attic) to hot water. He has been watching this forum, and seeks advise from me that I cannot answer. He will also go with the European two pipe system, but has questions about pipe sizing. I don't know which tables to look at myself or refer him to. He intends not to install baseboard, but to reuse old cast iron radiators or get compact convectors units. For his second and third floor of his house, he wishes to go up and down with his supply and return branch lines. He has a large room on the second story that sizes for about 15K BTU. He wants to know if 1/2" supply and return (25 feet in length) risers are OK to run to supply and return piping in basement (He said he'd run 1-1/4" supply line because his house sizes for about 80K BTU and the of his supply piping will be about 150 feet around the perimeter of his basement to supply all the risers going up. He'll do the same thing for the return piping. I don't know which sizing charts to use for the European two pipe system to advice him on the branch risers. Is there a rule of thumb for the branch sizes? thanks.

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