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Re: Gas Steam Boiler

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Posted by HeatPro on May 19, 2006 at 11:10:15:

In Reply to: Re: Gas Steam Boiler posted by joe on May 19, 2006 at 09:57:29:

: Heatpro I don't see the chart 7 at
: http://www.heatpro.us/eurotree/
++ Table 7 is in the section:
Select a Circulator
This board won't let me put the URL directly.
: I also have two more questions:
: (1) are monoflow tees used with the European two pipe system? (For my system I'll have 1" supply and return piping with 3/4" risers, for a total of 4 zones requiring a total of 60K BTU)
+++ No. a one-pipe system uses monoflow tees on a single pipe that runs around the basement as a main.

A two-pipe system uses a separate supply main and a separate return main with supplies and return branches to the radiation and no one-pipe tees.

That's why they have those names and different pictures.

: (2) Can I use a simple 3/4" ball valve (with the lever handle) as a balancing valve?
+++ You can, but that is harder to use. (Explained below.)

: (3) Where does the balancing valve get placed, on the branch between the radiator and supply line, or the branch between the radiator and return line.
+++ on either side - like the zone valve, it cuts water flow wherever it is in the lines that go or come from the radiation. It is probably better to have it close to the supply main, as it would further hinder gravity flow up the pipe, Especially as you are choosing to use 3/4 piping. As discussed before 1/2 tubing would be better, as it is easier to get upstairs and prevents some gravity flow in itself. As each branch would be able to supply 30,000 btuh @ 40f drop on the chart, you would have to do a LOT finer balance choking with the balancing or ball valve than if using 1/2-inch.

If you use a one-pipe system, the 3/4 tubing is better as there is incidental flow from the one-pipe fitting, not as definite as with the European two-pipe system.

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