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Condensing boiler - Pros & Cons

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Posted by GWR on December 28, 2005 at 21:10:54:

This is actually a followup to my previous oversized boiler thread.

Can you provide comments regarding condensing modulating boilers. Because of thier rated efficiency they obviously appear attractive. They are $1500-$2000 more expensive then the average non-condensing boiler. The warranties seem to be 10 to 15 years - prorated after 8 or so. Non-condensing boilers generally have lifetime warranties prorated after about 15 years. The condensing modulated types are certainly more complex and proprietary. On the other hand there is little difficulty in finding service people on virtually any non-condensing cast iron boiler. Are the economics, in the long term actually there? I have been looking at Burnham 206H, non-condensing with 84% AFUE with a Tecmar 260 controller. I have contractor suggesting an additional 1900 for a Lochnivar Knight with 93% AFUE. 12 year vs lifetime pro rated warranties. (any thoughts regarding Lochnivar?) An efficient boiler that is prone to service calls offers no advantages.

Finally - I will be adding an indirect water heater, 50gal+. Any problems with a condensing boiler providing 180 degree water while maintaining rated efficiency?

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