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Re: Change in my repiping/buffer tank schedule

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Posted by HeatPro on December 01, 2005 at 22:14:57:

In Reply to: Re: Change in my repiping/buffer tank schedule posted by Dave on December 01, 2005 at 21:12:36:

: 1. In the Lochinvar tank, the 2 2" pipes that you call bottom and middle are only a few inches apart. Is that OK?
+++ I have doubts that the water will 'tunnel' through the tank water without mixing with that powerful a circulator, so should be OK.

: 2. The supply manifold pipe would be removed completely from the tee it's attached to presently and piped to the top of tank? It won't require another pump but will just rely on flow from the zone pumps?
+++ The supply manifold stub where all the zone tees branch to the zones and the return manifold stub would be removed from the manifold and the manifold used for some piping or discarded. Yes, It is the normal operation of a multizone system manifold off a boiler.

: 3.Would the 1.5" return manifold pipe and boiler inlet pipe be teed right at the tank?
+ Yes, on a 2-inch tee.

Do either of these pipes or any others in the scheme require check valves (except for the 0010 pump)?
+ No

: 4. Taco 0010 would have integral checkvalve.
+ Yes

: 5. How would Spirovent and exp tank as well as inlet valve be piped into 1" tap on tank? (their configuration). I thought the Spirovent had inflow and outflow connections.
Spirovent is a brand name and they make a lot of different products. Identify which you have as a Spirovent as a vent and then yes pipe it off the 1-inch tap as you would with any vent.
Identify it as a Spriovent air scoop and you can eliminate that, as the top of the tank is an air scoop.

: 6. With the much increased volume of the system, is my Extrol Model 60 expansion tank adequate?
+ A 60 is for a large system with a large-water volume boiler, it should be adequate.

: 7. In this situation, would the 0010 be turned on by the aquastat in the tank?
That could be a good way to do it. It would be good to also start the burner(s) based on a flow switch in the boiler supply, so there couldn't be an insufficient flow problem for the boiler.

You are welcome.

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