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How much oil to heat water??

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Posted by Gary on November 03, 2005 at 11:57:47:

I have an old Crane Sunnyday 15 oil furnace with integral water heating coil for the household use. Based on my oil consumption during the Summer months, when the burner does not operate to heat the hot water cast iron baseboard radiators, I'm using ~1.25 gal/day to heat the water. I am the only one in the house, take one shower/day and wash a few dishes. I use the dishwasher for most stuff and run that every four or five days. I wash clothes at about the same rate using a warm-warm wash/rinse combination.

Based on last year's numbers my oil consumption for hot water alone was 43% of the total oil used. I live ~25 miles north of NYC and last year we had 5773 HDD. My coil is set for 160 degrees.

Is it reasonable to use that amount of oil to heat water for one person? How much of that oil is used to maintain the water at that temperature? That is, if the house were unoccupied and no hot water was being used, how much of that oil was burned to maintain temperature?

Any help you could provide in answering these questions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much,


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