Hot water baseboard/boiler banging, then shutdown

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Posted by Tom on February 12, 2000 at 07:41:39:

I have a Crown Bahama hot water boiler that drives my hot water baseboard heat. Recently, the system has started banging loudly. I checked all of the baseboard radiators, no air came out when I bled them. I checked my air bleeder valve on the piping coing out of the boiler, no air there. The system has 15-20 psi, seems normal. Last night, the boiler seems to have shutdown and not fired up when the
thermostat called for heat. I hit the reset button on the burner, and it fired up right away. It seems to fire normally now. Could this have been related to the banging? What could be causing the banging - air trapped in the baffles within the boiler somewhere? My expansion tank is fairly new and since the system seems to behave properly from a pressure perspective, I'm guessing that this is something else. Anyone have any suggestions? There are only two othe rthings I can think of. One is that I recently upgraded my well pump, and bumped the pressure in the household water up to a max of 60psi - could that have caused the automatic fill valve to add too much water to the system? The second thing is that I recently had the firebox liner replaced with Kaowool (the old one had disintegrated. I took a look at it this morning and it looked fine, but if they put the wrong one in coul dthat be causing the banging (hotspots?) WHen they put it in it was the correct thickness, and it lines the walls, floor, and back of the cobustion chaber (and it's still in place). I'd like to avoid calling for help if this is something simple I can fix myself. Help!

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