dead radiator

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Posted by Stephanie on January 29, 2000 at 12:15:44:

House new to us... One pipe steam system in two story house. Things seemed to start off fine this heating season. Just to "tune up", changed the two main air vents, all ok... Then started to replace radiator vents, a couple at a time (total of 8 radiators and one baseboard/radiator unit). Then one radiator on the second floor went dead... Replaced the vent, still nothing, tried a different vent, still nada... Also was the only one in the house that would hammer a little. Hubby on a whim would blow into the vent & it would heat a little. But the very next cycle, back to nothing. Could also hear gurgling... So took the whole darn radiator off yesterday; looks ok inside radiator and valve--no big blockage or anything. Steam comes rolling out no problem. Poked down pipe with a coat hanger & seems to hit a 90 about a foot down... Put down a tube and could draw back a lot of water. Tried to blow water back down. Eventually put radiator back on & it fired up all the way across...Until the next cycle--back to dead! Now it seems as if the pipe feeding this one radiator is within the wall and must take a couple turns to avoid the kitchen window on the 1st floor. Water must be trapped in the horizontal; maybe bad pitch, but can't get to the pipe without ripping and tearing... But the valve itself will still get hot, which is past the horizontal, so why not the radiator?? Any ideas would be appreciated....

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