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Re: Convector and recessed radiator EDR calc

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Posted by steve on December 02, 2007 at 23:43:53:

In Reply to: Re: Convector and recessed radiator EDR calc posted by HeatPro on December 02, 2007 at 19:38:12:

Thanks for all your help.

The GC is concerned about water leaks with the old system and cracked radiators getting the plugs out. He has personally never done a conversion. He estimated the conversion would cost as much as the new boiler.

I am currently thinking of just new storm windows, old ones are not as good as new and there is something nice about the wood windows beside for the fact that new double pain is just too expensive for me now. I can't afford to insulate the walls either, but with the storms and attic insulation the house should need quite a bit less heat than when built.

It looks like gas boilers have a lower efficiency than oil for steam so I guess that is one more reason to go with hot water? Any particular boiler you recommend for a situation such as mine? Do some work better than others at only part of their maximum if say I change windows in the future?

What support is needed for PEX to handle the heat?

Is there any contractor you happen to know of on Long Island, NY? I have to be careful not to lose the GC over this but also want to keep the heating bills down.

: C'mon now. Stop leg-pulling. Either the porch had a steam radiator to heat it or not. You are asking if a system can heat a house after you put a new addition on it. Of course not, you'd have to plan for whatever addition in advance.

No, there really is a small mudroom (used to be a porch) without a radiator, but it is only one side external exposure and a big radiator right next to the door going into the room.

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