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Re: Convector and recessed radiator EDR calc

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Posted by steve on December 03, 2007 at 14:05:26:

In Reply to: Re: Convector and recessed radiator EDR calc posted by HeatPro on December 03, 2007 at 09:06:25:

: : What is the likelihood that I end up needing at least one new radiator due to leaks? Will the leaks show up immediately or can there be trouble down the road?
: -- There is always the possibility, you take chances in life; but if it doesn't leak now with steam ...
++++ The water will be at higher pressure than the steam. Doesn't that increase the likelihood of a leak?

: : What has to be done to clean the radiators out?
: -- Remove the pipes from them, you will anyways to put in tubing fittings, spray the dirt out.
++++ I read somewhere it is best to run the steam boiler and keep skimming the dirt out. I think you are saying a good blast of compressed air is just as good.

: I think I will start with the plumbing supply houses.
: -- Good move.
: Paloma seems to just make water heaters unless I am missing something on their site.
: -- A water heater is a boiler without a pump used to heat water.
: Why is it easier to reduce the heat with this unit?
: -- With the buffer tank, you don't have to reduce the het, the tank gives the time to store heat for the next cycle. It is the charm of a heavy-cast-iron boiler without the heavy.
: Read:
: http://www.heatpro.us/designtree/documents/screwup.html
++++ Hmm, so the heat mass is the extra water itself. The buffer tank acts to preheat and store the boiler heated water where the boiler is actually just a water heater. Can that make enough 215 ballpark water? Why would anyone use a traditional boiler?

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