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Converting from Steam to Hot Water Boiler in big house

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Posted by Jeff Smith on November 24, 2007 at 01:46:18:

For reasons posted in the forum I am wanting to replace my existing cracked, two line, low pressure steam boiler with a two line, hot water system.

To do this I could used some good advice:

I currently have a
Weil McLain LG-8 Series 2
630,000 Input 504,000 Output
50psi 15Steam Water 438.3 MBH Steam 1575Sq Ft

I have a 9,800 sq foot, 3 floor with full basement 100 year stone/brick home with 18 brick walls and good windows with new storm windows located in Kentucky I had a contractor give me a heat loss rating of 300K so it appears that the old boiler was severely overrated.

Next problem is that I have 22 radiators all located in the basement with duct work, I guess gravity fed to all three stories. About half of these radiators are the old cast iron, in-floor units and the other half are replacement copper fin type in-floor radiators.

Here are my questions:

1. Is changing to a hot water system a good idea or even feasible?
2. If I have a line coming in and a separate line coming out of each radiator, this is a two line system, correct?
3. Do I remove the Vents and plug them to make it water-tight?
4. Will hot water make the radiators hot enough for gravity type induction?
5. Does 300K sound reasonable for 9800 sq ft plus 2500 sq ft basement?
6. How many Boilers should I consider? One per floor?

I assume if I attempt to do this I will do it in possibly 3 projects starting with 1st floor first. Unless someone has a better suggestion.

Thanks for any and all advice.

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