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Posted by pete on November 03, 2007 at 05:26:51:

Hi Heatpro, I have a residential peerlees boiler with a elbi bladder type expansion tank 5 gallon capacity. It is all about 7 years old. My boiler runs all year round heating domestic water. I just turned heat on in home and I had the relief valve spit out water and wouldnt stop leaking It relieves at 30psi. So I went out and replaced that. The leak stopped, but soon as the boiler heated up 2 or 3 times it started to dump some water. The gauge on boiler keeps saying inside pressure at 18psi. It never moves, shouldnt that move some what. Could that gauge be bad in 7 years? The tempeture part of the gauge is ok, it is a combined gauge. Anyway, The inlet domestic water regulator I turned the adjustment screw to lower the pressure. The boiler pressure didnt change but the boiler worked for about 12 hours then it dumped a little bit of water. The expansion tank is only warm at the top and it sounds hollow and empty, so I dont think that is bad. There is no valves of anykind on the expansion tank that I see, there is at the very bottom a black plastic piece that might be a cover of some kind for service, but I didnt even try to remove. Could air in the system cause this? Remember this started when I turned heat to house on? All your advice would be great. Thank you.

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