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Propper settings 4 Burnham boiler and aquastats?

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Posted by Lumsmore on February 16, 2007 at 21:55:15:

I've got a hydro-air sytem with a Burnham Revolution RV7 and it doesn't seem to be running optimal. A couple quick questions:
- What temp range should the boiler be running? It kicks in when the temp drops below 200 and stops at 225-230. (dial setting inside is set to 230)It is direct vented.
- Should aquastats be installed on the inflow or outflow pipe of the air handler?
- What temp should aquastats be set to?
- I tried insulating the hot water pipe loop coming/going from the boiler to the air exchanger with the light-weight black foam insulating tubes from HDepot. The tubes within the first 4 feet of the boiler melted to the pipes! and it now smells of melting plastic. Should I not have insulated or is there something different I should have used?

Some details on the configuration: 3 zones
zone 1 - indirect hot water tank
zone 2 - 1st floor air exchanger (about 800 sqr ft)located in basement
zone 3 - air exchanger that handles both 2 & 3rd floor (about 1300 sqr ft)located on 3rd floor

Location, Boston, temps have been in teens. 100 year old house (little insulation, but old, thick plaster walls and all new high-end windows)

Symptoms - boiler is constantly firing on and off.
Seems to take a very long time to bring house up to temp in morning from 62 to 66 deg. While doing so, air comes out of vents for 10 mins, stops for 2 min, repeats. Gas bill is very high. close to $500 last month.

My appoligies for the long post. Any thoughts would be very helpful.

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